Why Partnering with Companies Like “In Transit Environmental” Is Just Plain Smart

The road can be unpredictable. Anything can happen, and when “anything” involves a hazardous material spill, the situation can get worse by the minute. Environmental safety is at risk, and a potential hazmat spill could easily become dangerous for drivers, motorists, and anyone nearby.

Most towing companies want to get into the hazmat clean up business because of increased profits. A single hazmat spill cleanup job could bring in over $30,000. What tow company owners don’t realize, though, is that this service requires special training and certifications, as well the purchase of expensive equipment designated for hazmat cleanup. This presents a real problem, as the costs could be passed along to you, the consumer, in the form of a more expensive tow. Wait times could quickly escalate, as well, which could mean the situation gets worse or someone could be injured.

Luckily, Ward’s Wrecker Service understands this and is proud to team with In Transit Environmental. In Transit Environmental is a hazmat clean-up company that deals with cleaning up spills in the trucking industry. In Transit Environmental is highly specialized, certified, and trained in accident and hazmat clean up.

Ward’s Wrecker Service can save you the added cost and decrease wait times by leveraging this partnership to better serve you. In Transit is fully prepared to quickly and efficiently perform a hazmat cleanup. Cost cutting and less waiting are underpinned by the fact that outsourcing to a dedicated, specialized company like In Transit means less liability and a successful clean-up.

For all of your towing needs, you can always rely on Ward’s Wrecker Service. But for dangerous hazmat spills and cleanups, rest assured that our partnership with In Transit Environmental is a smart one that will save you money and time. Keep our number handy, no matter what happens on the road: 601-948-1310.