When Might I Need Tow Truck Service

The popularity amongst Tow Truck Services has risen immensely. If you were to think of how many times you have seen a tow truck on the side of the road, you would realize it is a very large amount. Not everyone can pull their cars out of the mud or flip their vehicle right side up. Thus the basis for Tow Truck Services appeal! When people are put in inconvenient, dangerous, or simply annoying situations, many people seek the assistance of a Tow Truck Company. Other than the typical road accident, engine trouble, below, you’ll find five different situations that will more than likely require the services and assistance of a licensed Tow Company:

– When your stolen sports vehicle has finally been found. Listen up for some wonderful news: Your stolen sports vehicle was found on a highway or abandoned lot. Bad news: Your stolen car is on empty and you must go get the car yourself. In actuality, you do not have to go and get your stolen car yourself. You can call a licensed heavy-duty towing company from the Jackson, MS area that specializes in vehicle recovery. By doing this, you are ensured professional assistance that will maintain your beloved sports car in mint condition when it is finally delivered to your home.

– When you realize your car is locked and you also do NOT have your keys– then you spot them on the driver’s seat. It is almost guaranteed to happen to every driver at one point in their lives. At times, a locksmith can assist you, but more often than not, it is a smarter idea to call a Tow Truck company like Ward’s Wrecker Service. It is more cost effective and the tow experts possibly have an enormous amount of keys or tools to get you back inside of your car and back to your keys!

– When you get your 4×4 stuck in a bit of a situation. Whether you have driven, somehow, into a ditch, or you are stuck in the mud (literally), you will likely need the assistance and expertise of a Tow Truck Service. Do not try to figure it out on your own and wait, or try to come up with a MacGyver-esque solution to release your 4×4 from the muddy grips or out of the ditch. You may need to take your 4×4 to a mechanic after trying that. But, by calling a pro as soon as the incident occurs, you will be out of the mess quicker and with a bit less stress.

– When you are in the middle of moving and that move does include moving a motorhome or caravan as well. Caravans and motorhomes are spectacular for special occasions on the road, but, of course, they become bothersome when having to move from one city to another. Worry not! Your motorhome or caravan can be towed! It is also much more simple and much cheaper than the alternative.

– When your car decides to…die. In some certain incidents, when a car refuses to go (like a petulant child), it might mean the battery is dead. Now, you ask yourself WHY it died. It is a possibility that it could be one of three things (of course there could be other causes): it is old, dirty, and has not been cleaned, your alternator is bad, or it can be the number one reason most cars will not start…maybe you left the lights on without realizing it. Whatever the reason for your dead car may be, you know you will need to somehow jump start your car. In order to guarantee you are doing it correctly, or if you don’t have jumper cables or another vehicle near, call a Tower!

Wrecker Services

As an auto wrecker, Ward’s Wrecker Service is the first respondent after a vehicular accident. We assist in the cleanup efforts of the wrecked car parts, and even the entire car itself.

Roadside Assistance

We help drivers just like you with personal automotive and heavy-duty commercial roadside assistance and mobile mechanical services for commercial vehicles. That includes tire changes and boost-offs for vehicles of any kind, and more.

The next time you require assistance during a roadside emergency, consider choosing a towing and recovery company that also understands the importance of towing organizations, as well as the importance of ties to the industry and community. There is no substitute for dedication. For all of your towing and recovery needs, rely on the Ward’s Wrecker Service team. We are available 24 hours a day to lend a hand. Call us at 601-948-1310.