Ward’s Wrecker Service: Why it Literally Pays to Go the Extra Mile

The next time you’re stranded roadside, give a little extra thought before dialing just any number. Ward’s Wrecker Service is well worth the investment. We’ll be expecting you. Call Ward's Wrecker at (601) 948-1310 and get your money's worth!

After that big meeting at work tanked, you’re in no kind of mood to fight the Rush Hour traffic. You’re doing everything you can to make light of a stressful situation, even put on some tunes to help you relax. But, just as the cars ahead of you start to inch forward, you feel a sharp thud from behind you. Struggling to collect yourself, you realize the vehicle behind you just rammed into the back of your car in the heat of all the excitement. Before you can even catch a license plate, though, it swerves around you and flees the scene. You’re nowhere near a traffic light camera and there’s no digital record of the other car, so now you’re left on the edge of the freeway with a major dent to your car’s body and quite possibly some serious mechanical damages. The logical solution would be to call the most affordable towing company closest to your area. While we agree it’s tempting to leap at the first “cheap” rate afforded to you, further investigation into service reliability indubitably pays off in the long haul.

Ward’s Wrecker Service specializes in vehicle and equipment transport, recovery, towing & personal automotive repair service. We put our earnings to good use, ensuring our employees are extensively and regularly trained to uphold our high standard of excellence. This includes rotator training sessions, mandated Wreckmaster certifications, and in-house rigorous courses. When you enlist our services, you know exactly what you’re paying for – from our friendly dispatchers to our accurate ETA’s, we try to keep you as comfortable and satisfied with our work as possible. You’ll never have to worry about gambling quality when you hire a company with consistently high performance. We give more than just paper promises – our drivers have the experience as well as the credentials, so you can count on them to serve you with a smile and calm attitude, even when you’re in a state of panic. And after all, doesn’t your baby deserve the best treatment affordable? Our extensive fleet, lowboy, and Landoll services can easily manage vehicles ranging from light to heavy-duty.

So, the next time you’re stranded off the shoulder in the face of a brutal hit and run, give a little extra thought before dialing that number. Ward’s Wrecker Service is well worth the investment. We’ll be expecting your call. Oh, and to make it a little easier, here’s the number: (601) 948-1310