Ward’s Wrecker Service: The answer to Heavy Duty Towing in Mississippi

The road can be a dangerous place. Between careless drivers, unpredictable weather, and never-ending construction work there are many hazards to be aware of during the average commute. Yet, at some point or another, accidents happen to all of us and when your work requires that you spend the majority of your time on the road you are more likely to find yourself in a precarious situation. That’s why, no matter your vehicle’s size, when you need help on the road you can turn to Ward’s Wrecker Service to lend a helping hand.

For over fifty years, Ward’s Wrecker Service has been a part of the Jackson, Mississippi community providing swift response and quality service to motorists in the area. Our customers recognize us as being fast, friendly, and always professional and have helped keep our business operating for so many years. It’s because of our long-standing presence in the community that we recognize the importance of being prepared for anything that can happen on the road.

Accidents are always difficult. They are something that every vehicle is susceptible to experience, no matter the size. It has been recorded that in the United States there are approximately two million heavy-duty trucks on the road and studies have shown that five-hundred thousand accidents involving eighteen-wheelers occur annually across the country. With statistics like that, it only stands to reason that a tow service should be prepared for the possibility that a heavy-duty vehicle will need towing or recovery work.

Of course, there’s more to towing than just a promise to get the job done. The stress of being in an accident is more than enough for anyone to handle, so when a driver calls for a tow service the last thing that’s needed want is to have more issues for them to sort through. Ward’s Wrecker Service makes sure to be prepared for any call that comes along, by having the right tools for the job. Not only do we keep our own trucks in top-quality condition, but we also use the latest towing equipment available as well as state of the art vehicles that are able to handle the heavy-duty jobs.

Yet a company is only as good as the crew members that stand behind it, which is why Ward’s makes sure to hire only the absolute best. Our team of drivers and tow truck operators are well-trained, experienced professionals who know how to operate our tow trucks and properly secure, load, and transport vehicles ranging from standard sized to heavy-duty without any additional damage.

If you own or operate a heavy-duty commercial truck, you can drive easier knowing that Ward’s Wrecker Service is there for you. We know first-hand the importance of getting to your destination safely and on time, that’s why we make sure to take care of any call with a fast response time and courteous service. Make sure you call Ward’s Wrecker any time you need us, we’ll be there for you.

We can be reached at (601) 948-1310 anytime day or night.

Wrecker Services

As an auto wrecker, Ward’s Wrecker Service is the first respondent after a vehicular accident. We assist in the cleanup efforts of the wrecked car parts, and even the entire car itself.

Roadside Assistance

We help drivers just like you with personal automotive and heavy-duty commercial roadside assistance and mobile mechanical services for commercial vehicles. That includes tire changes and boost-offs for vehicles of any kind, and more.