Ward’s Wrecker is Jackson’s premier heavy duty towing service

Heavy-duty towing in the Jackson, Mississippi area is a very serious matter. As a bustling metropolitan city, large and oversized vehicles transit in and out of our city every day and when heavy-duty trucks fail, Ward’s Wrecker Service can help.

Currently, Downtown Jackson is experiencing a $1.6 Billion-dollar development. New construction sites are popping up, buildings are getting renovated, public infrastructure is getting improved and all of this required heavy equipment being moved into high traffic areas. Ward’s Wrecker Service is Jackson’s most experienced heavy-duty towing service and can help transport your oversized equipment safely and securely.

Using the latest equipment and techniques, Ward’s Wrecker Service provides specialized transport services utilizing lowboys and landolls. We can safely and securely move equipment, vehicles, containers and more in and around Jackson, Mississippi.

Heavy-Duty towing in Jackson, MS

Large investments in infrastructure are changing the city of Jackson. We’re seeing companies shipping more products due to increased demand. Everything from soft drink to technology conglomerates are cashing in on the Jackson, MS renaissance.

Unavoidably, this attracts more people and our city will grow in population along with the infrastructure. Ward’s Wrecker Service is ready for the job, able to provide heavy-duty towing to Jackson, MS and surrounding areas. Our heavy-duty commercial roadside services are the area’s finest and we’re available 24/7.

As far as wrecks go, Ward’s is Jackson’s most experienced wrecker service. Our trained and licensed operators can safely help recover a wreck no matter how large. We staff hazmat certified first responders that can assist in cleanup efforts regardless of the conditions.

At Ward’s, we understand the intricacies involved with heavy-duty towing in Jackson, MS. Our operators take the appropriate measures to ensure the vehicle is properly towed, with no damage to the vehicle. Rest assured that your truck or trailers drivetrain and transmission are going to be taken care of.

Jackson, MS is experiencing a major economic boom with no sign of slowing down. Ward’s Wrecker Service is proud to be a part of the city’s growth and is ready to provide the finest heavy-duty towing service to current and future neighbors. We boast the finest equipment for heavy-duty rotator service and air cushion uprights of overturned heavy-duty vehicles.

Final Word

Ward’s Wrecker Service has been Jackson’s premier towing service provider since 1964, and we’re going strong. So, when you need heavy-duty towing services, trust the pros with the finest equipment and most knowledgeable staff. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and ready to provide prompt, professional, efficient, and reliable heavy-duty towing to Jackson, MS and surrounding areas.

Save our number in your phone for fast service, 601-948-1310 or visit our website to contact us anytime, https://wardswreckerservice.com/contact/

Wrecker Services

As an auto wrecker, Ward’s Wrecker Service is the first respondent after a vehicular accident. We assist in the cleanup efforts of the wrecked car parts, and even the entire car itself.

Roadside Assistance

We help drivers just like you with personal automotive and heavy-duty commercial roadside assistance and mobile mechanical services for commercial vehicles. That includes tire changes and boost-offs for vehicles of any kind, and more.