Training & The Ward’s Wrecker Service Process

As the leading option for towing services throughout Mississippi, Ward’s Wrecker Service, Inc. has the responsibility of delivering a high standard of service to each and every customer. Nowhere is the standard more evident than in our heavy-duty towing department. The mere size of the vehicles, equipment, cargo etc. we work with, tells of the cost and stakes should any mistake occur. At Ward’s Wrecker Service, we are proactive in training and preparing our tow truck operators. When customers in the state of Mississippi call on us, they are calling on a team trained to assess the job and provide the correct equipment.

Protecting our customers’ property, business, equipment and more is paramount. Keeping you informed on how and why we do what we do is our way of explaining the security you have in calling Ward’s Wrecker Service, Inc. Read on further to understand the training and capabilities of the Ward’s Team.

Towing Capacity:

When we say, “Trained to assess the job and provide the right equipment,” a big part of that means understanding/knowing the towing capacity of the load, equipment, and/or vehicle. Attempting to tow more than capacity invites an array of problems that jeopardize not just your property, but the safety and wellbeing of the operator. A Ward’s Wrecker Service operator knows to assess the capacity of cargo and provide the proper service.

Distribute Weight:

Proper weight distribution is key to making the transport safe and secure. A Ward’s Wrecker Service tow operator follows and tried and proven step by step process. We begin with loading the heavy cargo then fastening it in place so there are no shifts. Balancing the sides of significantly reduces the possibility of the cargo and truck capsizing.


It may seem trivial, but that is only until an accident happens and by then it is too late. Having the right mirrors and positioning them properly can be the difference in safe transportation and a costly mistake. These mirrors give our drivers the ability to see smaller vehicles without having to move their heads or shift much. Now, they can make a lane change or allow a trailing vehicle to overtake them without being surprised.

Brake lights & Sidemarker lights:

In our years of experience, we’ve learned that having functioning light is simply put, not enough. When towing heavy cargo, we like doubling the lights. Not only is all our light functioning, but they’re synced with the vehicle we’re transporting. This allows the brakes from both vehicles to light up when engaged.

Tire Maintenance:

Fleet maintenance is something we at Ward’s Wrecker Service pride ourselves on. It allows us to keep costs down while continuing to deliver dependable services. One aspect of said maintenance is tire maintenance. Heavy-duty transport puts a vehicle through a lot of wear and tear that often show in the tires first. Our tow operators check their tires and equipment before starting their day. This way they are safe can be depended on, equipped to reach their destination in a safe and timely manner.

Ward’s Wrecker Service is available 24/7 365. Call  (601) 948-1310 to speak with our friendly Dispatcher Team.

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