Traveling the roads on a cold winter’s day is stressful enough, so why risk the chance of a dead car battery stopping you in your tracks?   There are a few thing you can do to help prevent your vehicle’s battery from draining and refusing to charge. But first, it should be noted, if the battery is over 3 years old, it might be time to replace it. If your battery is less than 3 years old, there are preventative measures you can take to squeeze the most life out of it.

#1. Get your battery tested.    No matter it’s age, its always a wise idea to have an automotive technician test the battery as well as the electrical system in your vehicle prior to the cold weather seasons.  Most people ask to have the service performed during a routine oil change or tune-up. If all looks good, you’ll enjoy some peace-of-mind, but if something is wrong, it’s better to find out sooner, rather than later. 

#2. Clean the battery terminals and battery connections.   Corrosion and build-up on the terminals occur over time and will eventually prevent your battery from doing its job.  If the corrosion is a green-blue color, it is likely that the copper in the terminal clamp has reacted with the lead in the battery terminal to create copper sulfate.  This substance does not conduct electricity very well, so clean it off with an acid neutralizer made from baking soda and water with a wire brush or toothbrush. If the corrosion is a white powdery substance that’s sulfation,  which indicates the battery is not properly charging. If it’s soft to the touch, adding a charge to a full battery could reverse the problem. If it’s hard to the touch that indicates prolonged undercharging, or in other words, time to get a new battery.  If you are unsure, check with your local mechanic for more insight. 

#3. Drive to keep the battery charged.   Allowing your vehicle to sit idle for days or weeks (even inside a garage) can drain the charge inside the battery.  Try to drive at least 20 minutes a day during the winter to keep the charge. If your vehicle struggles while trying to start the engine, replace the battery. You may be fine for a short time, but eventually, the odds are your battery will let you down.

#4. Invest in a Jump Pack.  This portable device offers many benefits over traditional jumper cables.  Designed to transfer power to a car battery using special booster cables, a jump pack is easy-to use and does not require assistance from another driver or perfect positioning of your disabled car. Simply open the hood, place the device on your engine, connect it to your battery and you’ll soon be ready to roll! An excellent tool to keep in your vehicle  in the event of an emergency, some jump packs come with other cool features like USB ports for cellphone charging, LED Flashlights and more.  At Ward’s Wrecker Service, we  wish you safe travels on the road this winter, but should you need  wrecker service in Jackson MS, we hope you will call us at 601-948-1310. We guarantee you will receive quality service, professional towing and reliable roadside assistance 24/7.  Click on our home page at to learn more about our professional team, the services we offer, and what other customers are saying about us. We also hope you’ll add your review when we take exceptional care of you!