Why You Need Heavy-Duty Towing, No Matter the Size of Your Vehicle

“Life is a Highway” as the popular song goes, and in life bad things can happen on our traffic-congested roads. Whether a collision, pile up, rollover or disabled vehicle, car, truck, SUV or larger vehicle; heavy-duty flatbed towing is the safest and best option to ensure damage-free and safe transport. That’s because a traditional tow truck that hoists the front wheels off the ground can put a vehicle’s engine, tires, and bumper at further risk of damage, especially over bumps or rough terrain. Who should request heavy-duty towing? We say everyone, but for clarification, these are the types of vehicles that commonly require heavy-duty towing.

  • SEMI TRUCKS and TRAILERS. If you have a disabled semi-tractor or a single axle trailer that needs to be towed, it is recommended that you hire the services of a heavy-duty towing company with well-trained tow truck operators. Towing semi tractor-trailers could be dangerous and requires knowledge and experience to avoid causing damage to the vehicle.
  • EXTREME VEHICLES. These are vehicles that roll on tracks or more than 6 wheels. Bobtails, big rigs, garbage trucks and some types of farm and construction equipment fall into this category. Other types of specialty, oversized and heavy equipment should only be transported by a towing company equipped with professional heavy-duty towing equipment.
  • BUSES. Given its weight, shape, and size, towing a heavy vehicle like a bus can be hard to haul without special equipment. Choosing the right towing service is vital to prevent any skirting or scraping during long-distance towing.
  • MOTORHOMES and RV TRAILERS. Out in force during the spring and summer nationwide, as well as warm weather states during the fall and winter, motorhomes and fifth wheel designs towed by a pickup truck are often complex in shape and size. Much like a bus, they require specialized skills and equipment to ensure a safe and reliable tow to the final destination.
  • HIGHLY DAMAGED VEHICLES. Believe it or not, heavy duty towing is not only required for towing heavy-duty vehicles. Sometimes following a collision, vehicles that are severely damaged can take on an odd shape and that can make it more difficult to facilitate a tow. A heavy-duty flatbed tow truck can tow vehicles in all conditions, all shapes and all sizes.
  • HIGHLY PRIZED VEHICLES. Heavy-duty tow trucks are not limited to hauling large vehicles and equipment. They work in every type of terrain and can transport all kinds of vehicles including all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs as well as luxury, exotic and classic cars. If you have a vehicle that you value and want to prevent further damage, consider heavy-duty flatbed towing service.
    Before an accident or breakdown occurs, be proactive and choose a respected towing firm with heavy-duty experience in advance. You may never need to call for a tow, but if an emergency occurs, you’ll be glad to have the contact information saved to your smartphone. Please add our number, (601) 948-1310 today. At Ward’s Wrecker Service, we’ve been providing outstanding towing services in the Jackson, Mississippi Area for more than 50 years.