When It Comes to Towing, “Cheaper” Isn’t Always “Better”

Roadside emergencies happen, no matter how carefully we drive or how committed we are to keeping our vehicles in good condition. When you are stuck and in need of a tow, you have options.

When It Comes to Towing Cheaper Isn't Always Better - Call Ward's Wrecker Service at 601-948-1310 for assistance 24 hours a day.

When deciding what tow and recovery company to choose, keep in mind that the best price does not necessarily equate to the best service. As a paying customer, you deserve to know the answers to some serious questions. How trained are their drivers? How safe and state-of-the-art are their trucks? Are they certified by any major towing organizations?

These are all perfectly logical questions to ask while you have the company’s team on the phone. Many of the answers can be easily found after doing some online research, as well. Have a company or two in mind, just in case an unexpected situation arises while you are out on the road.

Now, the most important question to ask a tow company is whether or not they are properly insured.

This is not such an easy question to answer. Often, a company website will not feature this information, and a phone call query might lead to vague responses – especially if the company is not properly insured.

For some background, there are several types of insurance that a tow and recovery company can purchase. If the company in question does not have on-hook coverage, this could lead to costly consequences for you. If your car is totaled while in-tow, you will be required to cover the damages.

This may not seem like a big deal, but imagine a scenario where you are forced to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a mistake made by the company. In Mississippi, the minimum on-hook insurance coverage is $25,000, but this would barely cover extensive damage on most cars. Furthermore, many tow and recovery companies do not even purchase this coverage, which could leave you high and dry.

The best way to learn more is to contact a city or state official to inquire about a company’s insurance coverage.

Something to consider when comparing tow and recovery companies is the difference in price, but as we said, cheaper does not necessarily mean better. If a company charges a bit more for a tow, it is likely because they need to cover the cost of their insurance. For example, a company that charges $20 or $30 more for a tow is likely not trying to gauge customers. It is probably due to these extra expenses, which actually ensure a safer ride and experience for you.

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