Why Partnering with Companies Like “In Transit Environmental” Is Just Plain Smart

The road can be unpredictable. Anything can happen, and when “anything” involves a hazardous material spill, the situation can get worse by the minute. Environmental safety is at risk, and a potential hazmat spill could easily become dangerous for drivers, motorists, and anyone nearby. Most towing companies want to get into the hazmat clean up … Read more

Why Ward’s Wrecker Wins

In the immediate aftermath of an accident or roadside emergency, keeping your cool is easier said than done. But, when you enlist the services of a reliable auto towing company, you have one less thing to worry about. Wards Wrecker Service brings professionalism and expertise to every job we undertake – we mediate crises every … Read more

Ward’s Wrecker Service: Why it Literally Pays to Go the Extra Mile

After that big meeting at work tanked, you’re in no kind of mood to fight the Rush Hour traffic. You’re doing everything you can to make light of a stressful situation, even put on some tunes to help you relax. But, just as the cars ahead of you start to inch forward, you feel a … Read more

When Might I Need Tow Truck Service

The popularity amongst Tow Truck Services has risen immensely. If you were to think of how many times you have seen a tow truck on the side of the road, you would realize it is a very large amount. Not everyone can pull their cars out of the mud or flip their vehicle right side … Read more

Ward’s Wrecker is Jackson’s premier heavy duty towing service

Heavy-duty towing in the Jackson, Mississippi area is a very serious matter. As a bustling metropolitan city, large and oversized vehicles transit in and out of our city every day and when heavy-duty trucks fail, Ward’s Wrecker Service can help. Currently, Downtown Jackson is experiencing a $1.6 Billion-dollar development. New construction sites are popping up, … Read more

Towing in Jackson, Mississippi

Ward’s Wrecker Service has been Jackson, Mississippi’s premier towing company since 1964. That’s over 50 years providing our communities with quality 24-hour service 7 days a week. Our goal since our founding has never changed; to bring you reliable, fast, and affordable towing services. We understand that every call comes from a community member in … Read more

Heavy-Duty Service at Its Best

Heavy-duty towing is more than the equipment. You can have all the tools necessary to get the job done right, but if you don’t have the right people with the proper training, all your equipment becomes useless. Having the right people with the proper training is most important to Wards Wrecker Service. It’s not just … Read more

Training & The Ward’s Wrecker Service Process

As the leading option for towing services throughout Mississippi, Ward’s Wrecker Service, Inc. has the responsibility of delivering a high standard of service to each and every customer. Nowhere is the standard more evident than in our heavy duty towing department. The mere size of the vehicles, equipment, cargo etc. we work with, tells of … Read more

Ward’s Wrecker Service: The answer to Heavy Duty Towing in Mississippi

The road can be a dangerous place. Between careless drivers, unpredictable weather, and never-ending construction work there are many hazards to be aware of during the average commute. Yet, at some point or another, accidents happen to all of us and when your work requires that you spend the majority of your time on the … Read more

Semi-Truck Towing Mississippi

Transporting equipment, goods, and sometimes even vehicles across the country, semi-trailer trucks, or simply “semi-trucks,” are an important part of everyday life. These vehicles and their drivers spend hours on the roads and highways moving heavy material and just like any other vehicle on the road they are not immune from the inevitable traffic accident. … Read more

Featured Services

We do everything towing industry related—and a whole lot more! Trust us to seamlessly accommodate your needs and demands with the latest equipment and tools, state-of-the-art tow trucks, and highly trained and certified towing operators. Make Wards Wrecker Service your choice for:

  • 24-hour Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Towing
  • Hazmat & Wreck Recovery Service
  • Heavy-duty rotator service
  • Specialized Transport Service with our Lowboy and Landoll Services
  • Load Transfer Service
  • Equipment & Truck Decking Service
  • 24-hour Commercial & Personal Automotive Roadside Assistance Service
  • Commercial Diesel & Personal Automotive Repair Service
  • Commercial & Personal Vehicle Unlock Service

Wrecker Services

As a professional auto wrecker, Ward's Wrecker Service is the first respondent after a vehicular accident. Our cleanup crews are experienced with safely removing wrecked car parts, and even the entire car itself. We offer fast accident towing you can rely on, removing the vehicles involved and safely transporting them to your desired repair center.

Roadside Assistance

Offering 24/7 roadside assistance, we help drivers just like you with personal automotive and heavy duty commercial roadside assistance. Call us to provide jumpstarts, lockouts and tire changes anytime you need. We also offer 24-hour mobile mechanical services for commercial vehicles. That includes tire changes and boost-offs for vehicles of any kind, and more.

This company deserves not only a five star rating but a award of some sort for what they did for us. We are very lucky to be alive.

Awesome service they made my towing experience quick and easy on my bank account. Everything went great. Great guys.

This company knows the true meaning of "team." I appreciated how nice they both were. Thank you both for all the help!